Pinnen halvbror (samma pappa) är till salu om jag har någon läsare som är på jakt efter en mycket lovande unghingst. Såhär skriver nuvarnade ägare om honom: 

"Unique chance! A true eye-catcher for sale with extremely good pedigree and great color. Pyrill frá Pjóðolfshaga is a young stallion born 2012. He is grey (born red) and splash with blue eyes.

Dam: The famous Blæja frá Lýtingsstöðum. 9,5 for tölt and general impression. Amazing results on the oval track in T.1 and B-flokk.

Sire: Kjarni frá Pjóðolfshaga. 9,5 for tölt. Kjarni is a son of the 2 legends Andvari frá Ey and Kringla frá Krínglamyri.

Pyrill arrived in Denmark in February. He is not much trained but he is ready for his further education. He is 5 gaited and very talented. He definitely has a bright future ahead of him in breeding judgments and on the oval track. This is an extraordinary chance of becoming the owner of this promising young stallion. 

Price: 150.000 DKK / 20.000 EUR."

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